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Chairman's Corner

Chairman's Corner     April  22,  2024

By Susan Ruch, Chair of Carson City Republican Party

Over the last few weeks, it has become a stark realization of one of the various ways Election Fraud can occur. It stems from the Driver's Authorization Card provided to illegals. Unfortunately, Nevada does not require a government ID to register to vote. Reading this or saying those words aloud sounds preposterous, but this fact is actual. In 2014, Governor Sandavol signed a law, SB 303, that provides Driver's authorization cards to illegals. The selling point was that Illegals could obtain car insurance. The argument for the Driver’s Authorization cards sounds reasonable since our immigration laws are so broken, and many people have lived here most of their lives as undocumented persons. There is a glitch in the legislation. Looking back, we can question whether this was done intentionally to erode our most sacred right as an American Citizen, our elections, or an oversight. It was suggested originally that the cards for the illegals would look entirely different from the Nevada State Driver's License, but that was shot down because it would be "discriminatory" even though these people are here against the laws of our lands.

I have included a photo of a Driver's Authorization Card. Do you see the stark fact that does not separate a Nevada Driver's Licence from an Authorization Card? The answer is the Identification number.   That ten-digit number comes from the same pool of numbers as the Nevada Driver's Licence. Understand there is no identifier to indicate the difference between the Nevada Driver's Licence and the Driver's Authorization Card. When a person registers to vote, the first question is, "Are you a legal citizen?" On the application, you must enter the last four digits of your social security or Driver's license identification number. The Clerk-Recorder or the Voter Registrar cannot tell the difference between the numbers, and people who register voters cannot ask for a Government form of ID. We are not the only state that has this severe problem. The solution to this monumental issue is to add an identifier to the first digit of the number, such as an N for a Nevada Driver's License and an A for an Authorization Card. As a state, we must correct this error using the ID number. We must sanctify our most sacred rights as a nation and state, our elections.

Due to my deep concerns about this error in judgment of bill SB 303 from 2013, I am speaking with legislators to determine the best course of action by writing a simplistic BDR (bill draft resolution) for the 2025 Legislative Session to correct this. I want the BDR to be simple, only two pages long at most. By writing a concise BDR, we can post the bill proposal everywhere in case the Legislature will not give it a hearing, which is very likely if the Republicans do not take back the Legislature this election. 

Now, you can understand the hurdle we face in the 2024 election. We need every Republican to Vote. No one can sit out during this coming election. We cannot afford apathy;


Your vote counts. The Rurals can rule if every Republican votes because half of Vegas doesn't vote. Vote as your life depends on it because we are voting for the life of our Democratic Republic. Our Country cannot tolerate another four years of the Joe Biden Administration. As Republicans, we believe in one-day voting, but that is not the card we are dealt with. We must play the games of the Marxists who have taken over the Democratic Party. Nevada has two weeks of early voting; everyone must vote early. You may go to the polls and vote in person, mail-in, or take in your ballot early. We will have a ballot box in our headquarters on California Street, where you can drop off your ballot. We are asking you to do this because the Dems can only cheat so much, and if we overwhelm them with our votes, we win. By doing this, you also save resources. We need to be able to determine who has voted and who has not voted. We will stop annoying you with phone calls and text messages, and that encourages you to vote. We will be able to use our resources to chase down voters who need to be encouraged to make an effort to vote. So please plan to vote, and please vote early. 

The CCRP plans to do everything it can to ensure Carson City stays red. Our board has decided not to pay door knockers this year but to pay Ballot Chasers. We will work with Turning Point Action to find and train good people. The goal is to track down every Republican Voter who legally can vote and to assist them in casting their vote. This will take money that we need to raise. We have a generous donor who has challenged us to collect $1500 in donations, and with that, they will match the $1500. This is a critical strategic agenda item, so we ask you to help with donations. We need every tool in the toolbox to win this election. The Dems have identified three counties to try and turn blue: Carson, Douglass, and Storey counties. CCRP is committing to you that we will do everything possible to prevent that. Once more, we will need your help to ward off the incoming attacks. The things required were volunteers, getting the vote out, and donations. Please get in the game; this is for keeps. Our address is Carson City Republican Party, 1971 California Street, Carson City, Nevada, 89701. If you donate, please indicate it is for Ballot Chasing; the money we collect will be earmarked for that alone. I thank you from the bottom of my heart now; this is extremely important. 

Are you seeing those fruit vendors everywhere now that the weather is breaking? It makes Carson City look increasingly like a third-world country. Do you realize they do not have a business license? Do you know they do not have health certification, and they are handling food? Not only that, but they do not pay taxes. Mayor Bagwell told me they were cracking down on them, but two Sundays ago, this was on North Carson Street, diagonally across the street from Heidi's. They do not speak English, so they were clever and set up beside the Taco Truck, a food vendor.   The owner of the food truck was not happy about the situation. This business owner has to jump through hoops to get the license to run a food truck get special.

Since he handles food, licensing requires continual food truck inspections and paying taxes. These fruit stands take business away from legitimate grocery stores that sell fruit. The people sitting at these stands cannot speak English, so one can only assume they are part of the housing shortage problem and are breaking laws on multiple levels. Please do not buy fruit from them; it just encourages their handlers to place them everywhere. Mayor Bagwell says we must increase tax revenue; we can't give them a pass. Yes, I realize the amount of taxes we would collect from them would not solve the issue, but what does it say about Carson City when we look the other way? If you're paying for this,  they will increase your taxes one way or another. 

Suppose anyone knows of a Latino Volunteer with excellent Leadership skills. Turning Point has put together coalitions; for example, they have created a Mom's and Faith Coalition. Carson City has a high number of Latino voters. I see a definite need for a Latino Coalition. This person will need leadership skills to start the Coalition; please let us know if you know of someone with strong conservative values. What Turning Point Action is doing is impressive, and we need to reach out to our Latino friends. They have many of the same values as we do. Please get in touch with Susan Ruch, Chair, with any leads for this critical Coalition. 

Lastly, we are holding a board election for our State Committee Members at our General Meeting next week.  We requested that anyone interested in joining our board have their bios on April 12.  Our executive board decided it would be a good idea to vet people so they would know what their obligations are as State Committee Members.  We received 13 bios, with most of our State Committee Members returning to their positions.  Our newest potential member will be John Parrish, who is volunteering in the office and is the AD Hoc chair of the Precincts.  Donelle Birely has agreed to take on the traveling booth committee, and Elyise Johnston is now the Voter Registration Ad Hoc Committee Chair; Sue Graham will be starting a Financial Committee, and Emily Beagin will be taking on the Event Committee until she settles in.  This will be our best Executive Board in a very long time.  We are excited about the future of the CCRP. 

When things seem bleak, I look at our board and the people around us and feel great hope.  I have great hope for our country. God is Good and Great; look to all we have and be ever so grateful.  We all need to come together and fight the evils of this world. Thank you for your continued support; we couldn’t have done it without you.                                                 

God Bless the United States, Nevada, Carson City, and you.

Susan Ruch, Chairman

To oppose corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism.”

G. Edward Griffin





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